Who We Are

Dog Trainer Courtney Wolf

Wolfhaus k9 has your pack!

As avid dog lovers, we can empathize with anyone who loves their dog regardless of the issues that dog may struggle with.

We believe through motivation anything is possible.

A dog working out of fear of consequence will generally not express the same enthusiasm for a specific behavior as a dog with a desire to please its handler and the confidence in its ability to do so.

Our team of dog trainers will work with you to set and enforce boundaries without needing to utilize corrections on a regular basis. Together, we will build up good behaviors and strengthen your pack bond!

We mean it when we say any age, any breed, any issue. We address these common behaviors and more all the time.

Let us create a training plan that best suits your dog and gets you the results you’re looking for!

Happy Clients

Best Dog Trainer
“Courtney redefined my relationship with my dogs. With my dogs being older, I admit I was resigned to the belief that this is just how they are. Having the guidance of a professional dog trainer, I was able to make effective changes to our lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you, Courtney, for always being available for follow up questions as I continue this journey with my boys!

I highly recommend Courtney to anyone who is ready to put in the work. He will certainly set you and your dog up for success.”

– Ashley M.